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Bradburn Village is a new urbanist neighborhood located in Westminster, Colorado—a northern suburb of Denver. Bradburn is mixed-use, meaning the neighborhood contains residences as well as offices, services, and retail establishments. Bradburn was designed to be walkable and pedestrian oriented. There are many shops, services, and restaurants within an easy 5-15 minute walk from every home in Bradburn—a rarity in a suburban area. Bradburn is a very social neighborhood, with a strong emphasis on community and neighborhood interaction. We have many neighborhood events both formal and informal including park parties, egg hunt, a July 4th parade and breakfast, kids’ triathlon, Oktoberfest, and holiday party.

Recent & Upcoming Events

Recycle Day
23 May 2019: 12:00AM
Private Party
23 May 2019: 11:30AM - 03:00PM
Bradburn Master Board Meeting
23 May 2019: 06:30PM - 08:30PM
Private Party
25 May 2019: 08:00AM - 11:00PM
Private Party
04 Jun 2019: 01:30PM - 03:00PM

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